The easiest way to rent a vehicle. No keys, no paperwork, no hassle.

Just book the vehicle you want, unlock it and drive away.


Reserve your vehicle anywhere, anytime.

Reserve your vehicle using our website or mobile app. Select the vehicle you want and for how long you need it, from as little as an hour.

Once you have booked your vehicle, you will receive a Carfirmation™ email confirming details and pick-up location.


Access your vehicle with our Hertz token technology

Simply hold the token over the reader behind the windscreen to unlock the vehicle.

Token can either be picked up from one of our partner locations, or the rental location during opening hours, or can be mailed to you after your account has been verified.

To access the vehicle, enter this code directly into the Pin Pad located on the windscreen. You will need to enter this same code into the Pin Pad to lock the vehicle.


The ignition key is inside the vehicle. Just start & go!

During your rental you can lock and unlock your vehicle using your token.

At the end of your reservation, return your vehicle to the designated location and end the rental through the in-vehicle display.

Remember to leave the keys inside the vehicle when you return it.


Not a 24/7 member?

Create a free 24/7 profile – it only takes a few minutes. You will need your driving licence and a valid PayPal account or credit card. Once you have been verified you are free to reserve your first vehicle.