Hertz On Demand® Business

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Hertz 24/7 Business brings you a cost effective way to manage your companies vehicle needs. Whether you are a large corporation or a SME, we have the solution for you.

Using our award winning technology in all vehicles, we provide corporations with the means to reduce costs, optimise utilisation, and better manage their fleet.

  • Reduce fleet & improve utilisation
  • Reduce admin costs
  • Turn a fixed cost into a variable cost
  • Improve environmental sustainability
  • Go green with electric vehicles
  • Better monitor and control fleet
What's included in Hertz 24/7 Business?
  • 24/7 in-vehicle customer care
  • Self –service vehicles: no paper work, no lost keys
  • Cleaning, servicing, maintenance ,safety checks
  • Flexible fuel and insurance options
  • Real time visibility and control oft he status of your fleet

Option 1 - Pool Fleet Solution

The choice for our corporate partners includes dedicated vehicles with our in-car technology parked on site, solely for the use of company employees.

  • Cost savings on fleet management
  • Optimise the utilisation of pool fleet
  • Monitor and manage fleet in real time

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Option 2 - Connect2Go (your vehicles, our technology)

The choice of our corporate partners who already have the vehicles, but would like to benefit from improved fleet control and cost savings delivered by our award winning technology.

  • Get real-time visibility of your fleet
  • Control your fleet from your desktop
  • Improve vehicle availability and downtime
  • Reduce costs

For more information, please email us at connect2go@hertz.com