Getting started with Hertz 24/7 is easy. All you need is to download the Hertz 24/7 App and to create a profile. The Hertz 24/7 App gives you keyless access to our vans at participating stores and to all our Hertz 24/7 vehicles in Germany and around the world. 
With the Hertz 24/7 App in hand it‘s as easy as Book. Open. Go.

BOOK      - Reserve your vehicle by using the Hertz 24/7 App
OPEN       - Use the Hertz 24/7 App or enter the PIN to unlock the doors
GO           - The ignition key is located near the steering wheel. Start the car & drive!

Scan and download the app now! 

  1. 1. Book

    1. Book
  2. 2. Open

    2. Open
  3. 3. Drive

    3. Drive

Hourly rentals available 24/7

Insurance included

Book using your Smartphone